University of Leicester Open Scholarships for International Students

Open Master`s Scholarship:
– Eligibility : New taught Master`s students on all full-time courses starting in September / October 2012
– Maximum Number : 35
– Value : GBP 2,500
– Tenure : One year
– Application Deadline : 31 May 2012
– Award Criteria : Academic merit

Notes and eligibility criteria:
1. Candidates for Open Scholarships must be classified by the University as international students for fees purposes.
2. For Open Scholarships, candidates must not be in receipt of a full scholarship (tuition fees and living costs) from any other sources. Students may only receive one partial scholarship from the University, whether it is an Open or Departmental scholarship. Students with partial scholarships from other sources will be considered.
3. Open Scholarships are awarded in the form of a reduction in tuition fees payable.
4. Where an Open Scholarship is awarded to a candidate who is also eligible for a fee discount, the discount will be calculated after the scholarship reduction to the tuition fees payable has been made.
5. These scholarships are not available for distance learning students.

Download application form here




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